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Security Warnings On Daily Mail And Other Sites If Using Updated Chrome Browser

by Harikrishna Mekala

A security warning will pop up for many sites if users have upgraded to the latest version of the Chrome Browser. While the DailyMail website is one of the many sites that currently don’t use the HTTPS secure protocol most major websites have started using SSL in their connections to prevent the users from being hijacked.

Statistics from a recent survey showed that the more than 20% of the world’s Top 500 Websites are not using the SSL in their HTTP server. The HTTP is the protocol used by the websites that transfer the website data between the client and the server. The ‘S’ in HTTPS stands for Secure and ensures that the data is encrypted as it travels. Other than DailyMail there are many other well known websites such as Sky Sports, Argos and Boohoo that have not started using the HTTPS.

The websites which have not opted for SSL means that there is nothing to scramble the data passing between the client and the website. Troy Hunt has created a website called WhyNoHTTPS? that holds the repository of the world’s most popular websites that have not yet opted for HTTPS connection. While the DailyMail is the most trafficked site that lacks the protective measure there also a lot of big names such as the Chinese messaging firm Tencent QQ, block-building game Roblox and sports broadcaster ESPN.

Google began the method of warning people about sites that use HTTP in early 2017. Initially, the “Not secure” signs were only employed on sites that handled passwords or credit cards. Firefox and Safari added comparable systems about the same time.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has issued a directive stating that all the sites should use the HTTPS in their web application.

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