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Dixons Carphone Data Breach Update: Number Of Those Affected Rises To 10 Million

by Abeerah Hashim
dixons carphone fine for data breach

Last month, we advised you about a data breach at Dixons Carphone Warehouse. The company originally suspected that the breach had affected 1.2 million customer’s records having non-financial data. However, the investigations have since continued and now reveal more shocking facts as the firm announced that the Dixons Carphone data breach actually affected 10 million customers.

Dixons Carphone Data Breach Affected Exposed 10 Million Records

In June, Dixons Carphone Warehouse disclosed a massive data breach that affected millions of customers’ cards and personal details. Precisely, the breach affected 5.9 customers’ cards and exposed 1.2 million customers’ records. However, ever since then, the firm continued investigating the matter to know more facts about the incident. Regretfully, the new findings are much more dismaying than previously speculated.

In its recent press release on July 31st, Dixons Carphone confirms that the number of customers’ records exposed to hackers was actually around 10 million.

“Our investigation, which is now nearing completion, has identified that approximately 10 million records containing personal data may have been accessed in 2017.”

Yet, once again, they confirm that the financial details of customers remained safe. Moreover, they also claim that there is now evidence that ‘some’ of the breached data has left the company’s servers but there is nothing to show at this time that any fraud has occurred and that they have simply begun informing their customers about the matter ‘as a precaution’.

Dixons Carphone Adds More Data Security Measures

Dixons Carphone discovered the data breach in June. Since then, the company has been taking adequate security measures to strengthen its data security. Regarding what they’re doing, Alex Baldock, Chief Executive Dixons Carphone states,

“Since our data security review uncovered last year’s breach, we’ve been working around the clock to put it right. That’s included closing off the unauthorised access, adding new security measures and launching an immediate investigation, which has allowed us to build a fuller understanding of the incident that we’re updating on today.”

The firm apologizes to all its customers regarding the data breach. They also pledge to continue taking care of their customers’ security.

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