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John McAfee Announces $100K Bounty To Anyone Who Can Hack His BitFi Wallet

by Abeerah Hashim
unhackable BitFi wallet

Amidst the recent wave of crypto hacks, John McAfee gave a brave challenge to crypto hackers. It is because of the tempting offer that he has captured the news world for about a week. Still, the news does not seem to be fading away. Almost a week ago, John McAfee gave an open challenge for a $100,000 to anyone who hacks his BitFi wallet. Then after a few days, he announced the same bounty for ‘everyone’ who hacks his BitFi wallet.

John McAfee Challenges Hackers To Hack His BitFi Wallet

John McAfee’s bold challenge to hackers has gained sufficient attention from the news world. In fact, by looking at the responses received on his Twitter account, it seems that almost everyone is trying hard to get that $100,000 bounty. Earlier, McAfee simply announced the bounty for anyone who hacks BitFi wallet. Later, he elaborated that the bounty will go to everyone making successful hacks.

His bold claim started off a heated debate since he denies the popular statement “nothing is unhackable”. While most tech gurus and hackers believe there is no such thing as ‘unhackable, McAfee believes that his crypto wallet is perhaps ‘unhackable’ forever.

Explaining how BitFi is unhackable, John McAfee shared detailed rules in his latest tweet.

What Is BitFi Wallet? Why Is It ‘Unhackable’?

So the BitFi crypto wallet that claims to be ‘unhackable’. This would mean that in the realm where crypto wallet hacks are becoming a norm, such wallets like BitFi come out as a potential savior.

What makes BitFi unhackable? Well, the answer is simple – it hosts no such thing that anyone could hack. As explained on its website,

“Conventional hardware wallets store the private key (and this is what controls all the funds in your wallet) on a device outside the computer…While this is an improvement over digital wallets that store the private key on your computer or smartphone, the private key is nevertheless stored on the device. This creates yet another security breach that leaves your crypto assets vulnerable. The best solution is to not store the private key anywhere in the first place.”

So, BitFi wallet simply does not store your private key. When it stores nothing, it has nothing hackable. Thus, protecting you from hackers. Moreover, BitFi’s open source code allows you to retrieve your funds even when the services remains no longer functional.

So, are you ready to accept McAfee’s challenge for $100K? Do you agree with his claim of an ‘unhackable wallet’? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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