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Android Anti-Piracy Software Stolen and Uploaded To GitHub

by Harikrishna Mekala
DexGuard hacked

A tool used to protect Android software from piracy, tampering and cloning attacks was dumped on GitHub. The code repo was stolen from a customer of GuardSquare. The software was removed immediately after GitHub received a DMCA notice.

The anti-piracy software protects music, movies and TV shows from piracy , this kind of software often only slows down piracy by keeping the newbies out.

“We develop premium software for the protection of mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking,” the company’s website reads.

One of the GuardSquare’s products is Dexguard a software that was designed to protect applications from being decompiled to prevent piracy and credential harvesting. One of the versions ended up on GitHub. The company explained that the code was obtained illegally and they have sent a takedown notice to GitHub.

“The listed folders….contain an older version of our popular obfuscation software (DexGuard) for Android applications. The folder is part of a massive code base that was stolen from one of our former customers,” Guardsquare writes.

The code was forked 300 times by the time GitHub got around to removing the software, GitHub has since taken all forks of the software down.

The account named “HackedTeam” was the original to post the software on GitHub, in the description the upload there was a sentence “one of the most professionally developed and sophisticated Android malware ever exposed.” in an effort to mock the company.

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