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Red Dead Redemption 2 Glitch Lets You Get Any Horse Randomly

by Abeerah Hashim
Red dead redemption 2 horse glitch

In a game set up in the Westernized era of the late 19th century, the main charm for the players is the plethora of horses from different worthy breeds. That’s why players of Red Dead Redemption 2 remain on the hunt for stronger horses from different breeds. However, the most impressive horses either remain locked for a long time or are too expensive for an average player. But, the game now inadvertently lets you get any horse because of a glitch.

Horse Glitch In Red Dead Redemption 2

A Reddit user recently discovered a bug in the game Red Dead Redemption 2 that randomly spawns horses. He shared his findings in a Reddit post shared on the game’s subreddit. (Thank him for the generous move of sharing the trick!)

There is a spot in St. Denis where you can find ALL horses randomly spawn. Save nearby, exit the game and reload to have new ones spawn. Found grey andalusians, silver dapple foxtrotters, black arabians, etc. in Chapter 2/3 there. from reddeadredemption

According to his discovery, there is a particular spot in the game which spawns all horses randomly. It means that from this specific spot in St. Dennis area, you may get any of your desired horses. As explained, you can simply save the game somewhere near this spot, then exit and reload. You will see new horses in there. Precisely, every time you save and exit, you will see new breeds. And, in this way, you can get your desired horse too, even the Arabians and Tiger Striped Mustangs.

According to the Reddit post, the glitch works in chapters 2 and 3. However, a YouTuber demonstrated that the glitch may work in other chapters too. In the comments, several other gamers confirmed that the glitch actually works.

Exploiting The Glitch

As said above, exploiting the glitch to get the desired horse requires repeated cycles of saving, exiting, and reloading the game. However, some other gamers explained another trick in the comments to this video that works faster. According to them, riding to other directions, such as towards north past the red barn or towards south to the barber shop, and then turning around will also work the same way.

Another YouTuber with alias xiong00813 shared a different trick in the comments that also works faster,

“Actually you don’t even have to dashboard and restart the game to refresh the horse spawn. Stable your horse outside side of the fence that leads directly to the train tracks. Once you take a peek at the horse stable and see none you like, quickly hop over the fence onto your horse and sprint over to the train tracks and stay there for 10-20 seconds and then sprint back to the stables, just look at the horses from behind the fence or go back in to check and see if any new horses respawn. Sometimes you will come back to an empty stable, well just repeat the sprint to train and repeat.”

While you can see plenty of horses spawn randomly at this spot, there is a trick to get the desired horse. Once you find the new horse, make sure to put your saddle on it. Also, don’t forget to whistle your old horse to follow you to the stable. Otherwise, you may lose your old horse.

After you try this trick, don’t forget to share with us if it really made you get your desired horse. Good luck!

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