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Singapore Enters Into Cyber Security Agreements With US & Canada

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Singapore and Canada have recently combined forces to defend themselves from cyber criminals, and to boost their cyber security.

The Singapore – Canada MoU

To mark their association on various initiatives such as data sharing, promoting and developing technical certification programs, combining forces against cyber threats and cyber attacks, the two countries signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), through its respective agencies.

The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) represented by David Kohand and Lynn McDonald, posted as the Commissioner of Canada, in Singapore executed the MoU. The Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development was the representing agency for Canada.

The significance of the impact of this legal document is paramount, and therefore, it was reportedly witnessed by the Singapore Prime Minister and the Canadian Prime Minister. This MoU entered into by both the countries remains valid for a period of two years.

Singapore – US DOI

CSA also announced they have signed a Declaration of Intent (DOI) with the US, an agreement that ensures 3 cyber security workshops by the US, held in Singapore and across ASEAN countries.

The cybercriminals have constantly made use of geographical boundaries to conceal their identities and to break the law. In fact, the CSA Chief aptly pointed out;

“With cyber security being a transboundary issue, strong international partnerships remain key to navigating the increasingly complex cyber terrain.”

In a bid to curb this menace, Singapore has been entering into cybersecurity agreements with various countries. You may recall that Singapore earlier entered into similar Agreements with Australia, India, and France.

Singapore is currently a commercially advanced nation with a large dependence on IT infrastructure. Hence, it becomes inevitable for this nation to remain technologically developed.

Also, Singapore is a Tax Haven, where several companies have formed headquarters to stash away their money. In fact, some have referred to it as the Cayman Islands of Asia, plus, the entire taxation process in this country is digitized, hence it takes place online, and therefore, cybersecurity is of prime significance.

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