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An Overview of the Sophos 2019 Report

by Unallocated Author
Sophos cyber attack report

The Cyber Security firm has recently released an in-depth research report enabling internet users and businesses to become wary of certain anticipated cyber threats. This would help them effectively intercept cyber attacks and plan adequate precautionary measures in order to guard themselves.

Let us now look into some of the major threats.

Ransomware will lead the Show

The forthcoming year could result in far-reaching consequences unless adequate pen tests are carried out in order to elevate the levels of data security. Notably, Sophos seems to have made this assessment based on the success of ransomware such as WannaCry, Dharma, and SamSam in recent years. Sophos reportedly anticipates increased targeted attacks by hackers, instead of shooting bulk emails with malicious links.

Use of chain-reaction mechanism

This is a complex chain of events that take place, and at one point of it, the hacker makes his way through your system. Since there is no defined set of perpetual events, the task of figuring out which is the final blow can at times become impossible.

Increased Threat of IoT Malware

With the increase in the number of the devices that run on IoT, cyber attackers are likely to expand their horizon and attack devices beyond PCs. Sophos reportedly foresees increased attempts in hacking Mobiles, Tablets, and other Smart Devices that are likely to be exploited as nodes.

Eternal Blue

Although Microsoft was quick to release a patch to deal with its Eternal Blue vulnerability, it continues to remain the most exploited vulnerability. According to Sophos, more harm can be expected due to the fatal combination of Eternal Blue with Cryptomining software.

In our opinion, this Report is primarily based on the security risks faced in the past couple of years and is therefore practical. You can go through the detailed Sophos 2019 Report. Finally, although dealing with these anticipated threats could turn out to be challenging for smaller and mid-sized enterprises, it seems impracticable to neglect.


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