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UK Parliament continues to pursue FaceBook, Seizes Documents

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The UK Parliament recently seized certain controversial Facebook-related documents from Ted Kramer, Founder of Six-Four-Three, a US-based application development firm.

In a recent blow to Facebook, the UK Parliamentary Authorities managed to seize certain very confidential Facebook documents, which were accessible to Kramer, a Litigant who had earlier sued Facebook.

The Seizure

Kramer was in the UK for business, where a Sergeant-at-Arms, acting upon the orders of the authorities, paid a visit to his hotel room. Apparently, the Facebook documents that the Sergeant wanted from Kramer, were sealed by a court in California, US, and on those grounds, Kramer reportedly denied handing them over.

Upon his denial, he was produced before the UK Parliament, where the authorities reportedly “informed” Kramer that he would “risk imprisonment” if he refused to furnish the required documents.

Kramer, who succumbed to the pressure, then accessed certain documents on his Dropbox folder, transferred them onto a Pen Drive and handed it over to the British Authorities.

The Six-Four-Three Saga

A US-based IT Firm, Six-Four-Three, presently involved in a lawsuit with Facebook, faced the wrath of the UK Parliament. Ted Kramer, Founder of Six-Four-Three had earlier filed a lawsuit in California against Facebook for removing its App Pikinis, the matter remains sub judice before a US Court.

Earlier in 2015, following a change in Facebook’s privacy policies, the Pikinis application was taken down. Pikinis, was a popular Bikini-search application on Facebook, that let the user source pictures of their friends in Bikinis.

During the aforementioned lawsuit, Kramer obtained certain confidential Facebook documents, which were eventually seized by UK Parliamentary authorities, despite being sealed by the California court.

Kramer, after obliging to the Orders of the UK Parliament, cancelled all further appointments in the UK, and rushed back to the US.

Earlier, in the Cambridge-Analytica case, Facebook had been slammed with a £500,000 fine, against which, it has preferred an Appeal. However, that seems to be just the beginning of Facebook’s troubles in the UK.

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