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Huawei Sacks Polish Sales Director Over Spying Allegations

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Huawei has recently shown the door to one of its employee, whom it blames for having tarnished its image, which perhaps led to Huawei being banned in the US, New Zealand and, Australia.

Last week, a Chinese employee deputed in Poland, now a former employee of Huawei, was arrested in Poland, along with a Polish citizen. According to reports, the concerned employee has been identified as Huawei’s Sales Director, for Poland.

The homes of those arrested have been searched by the Polish authorities, and they have been taken into custody. This matter may require at least 3 months to be adjudicated, and they could face a sentence of up to 10 years, if indicted.

Meanwhile, the Chinese Consular has reportedly made an appeal to the Polish authorities for the Chinese citizen to be treated in a humane manner, with due consideration to his basic human rights. Furthermore they have urged for a consular visit to be arranged as early as possible.

Soon after the arrest, Huawei has fired the concerned employee and stated that the company respects the rules and regulations of whichever country it operates in.

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Huawei had received a lot of heat for its 5G technology, which was suspected to be used to the advantage of the Chinese Authorities. Not long ago, this issue coupled with a few others, such as violation of US sanctions to Iran, even led to the arrest, and consequent bail of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou. The arrest reportedly led to dire consequences such as the arrest, followed by an award of a death sentence, to a former Canadian Diplomat in China.

Presently, there are ongoing tensions between the trade relations of the two countries, the US and China. This is said to have even led to a spur against certain American products in China. While the two countries seem to be warring a technology battle, things look positive for Huawei in Poland. Joachim Brudzinski, Poland’s Internal Affairs Minister has reportedly confirmed Poland’s intention to carry on Trade with China, but may require certain Huawei products to be dropped off its market.


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