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Firefox For iOS Now Offers Persistent Private Browsing With Firefox 15

by Abeerah Hashim
Firefox for iOS 15

Private browsing on smartphones has always been trouble. It is difficult to go back to the previous session in case you have to close the browser window for some reason. However, Mozilla seemingly addresses this problem with the latest version of Firefox for iOS. With Firefox 15, iOS users can enjoy private browsing persistently until they manually close their sessions.

New Firefox For iOS Allows Continuous Private Browsing

Mozilla has planned to facilitate iOS users with secure browsing. As announced, the latest version of Firefox for iOS offers iPhone and iPad users to continue browsing in private mode.

As described by Mozilla, Firefox 15 for iOS will let the users remain in private browsing mode.

“Firefox for iOS now remembers when you toggle Private Browsing mode so that any new tabs you open via the Share extension or clipboard bar will open in the browsing mode you were last in.”

Earlier, it was difficult for the users to get back to their private browsing sessions in case they had to close the browser window. However, with Firefox 15, users can continue to browse privately unless they actively exit the Firefox browser.

Is It All Useful?

Although, the new feature of persistent private browsing seems an attempt to facilitate users. This will save the inconvenience of repeated sign-ins and establishing new browsing sessions if a user has to exit Firefox for any reason.

However, this may also pose a threat to user’s privacy in case of accidental physical access to the device. Earlier, exiting the browser would close down all private browsing sessions. But now, the users may have to remember exiting browser actively to close private browsing. Otherwise, anyone else having physical access to the device may witness the browsing sessions. Likewise, the users may require some time to get used to with the new feature.

In addition to the launch of persistent private browsing, Firefox 15 for iOS also comes with improved menu and tab settings. The users can now also reorder tabs as required.

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