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Mozilla Requests Apple to Reset the Advertiser ID Of iPhone Users Each Month

by Abeerah Hashim
Mozilla ask Apple reset Advertiser ID

Mozilla have taken a further step towards the privacy of their users. In fact, the step seems more relevant to the privacy-oriented brand Apple. Reportedly, Mozilla has requested Apple to reset Advertiser ID’s of its users every month. This will prevent advertisers from logging users’ data.

Mozilla Asks Apple To Reset Advertiser ID

As revealed from Mozilla’s petition, they have requested Apple authorities to reset the unique IDFA (identifier for advertisers) on iPhones every month. Mozilla explains that the advertisers use this ID for ad targeting.

“There is a unique ID living on your iPhone right now that allows advertisers to track the ads you click on, the videos you play, and the apps you install.”

Although, changing this ID monthly might not completely protect users from ads. It will certainly ‘cap’ that level of tracking by advertisers.

“we’re asking Apple to change the unique IDs that advertisers use to track us on each iPhone, every month. That means we could still get relevant ads – but there’s a real cap that makes it harder for companies to build profiles of us over time.”

About Advertiser IDs On iPhone

Advertisers use a specific tracking number assigned to every Android or iOS device to track users’ activity. This then helps them target users with ads relevant to their interest. As explained by Singular experts in their blog, these IDs serve as cookies letting the advertisers track your device.

Previously, advertisers used to trace the UDID or the Universal Device ID. However, since the UDIDs are permanent and unchangeable, this turned out to be a privacy breach for users. However, users can reset advertiser ID for iPhones manually, and can even limit their tracking.

For Android users, the advertiser number similar to IDFA is the Google Advertising ID (GAID).

Both the Android and iPhone users can also manually turn off these IDFAs or GAIDs for their devices. Thus, they may opt-out of tracking by advertisers to see interest-based ads. However, this may barrage users with irrelevant advertisements.

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