Online Tutoring Platform Wyzant Suffered Data Breach Exposing Personal Data

Recently, the online tutoring platform Wyzant suffered a data breach. As disclosed in an email sent by the platform to their customers, the firm endured a cyber attack that may have resulted in the compromise of some data. The unknown hackers supposedly intruded one of their databases to access a subset of data.

Wyzant Suffered Data Breach

According to an email notification sent by the company to the customers, the online tutoring site Wyzant suffered data breach. The firm suspects that the security incident had affected some user data.

As stated in their email, obtained by The Hacker News, an unknown attacker gained access to one of their databases. The attacker succeeded in accessing a limited amount of personal information of the users. The breached details allegedly included full names, email addresses, zip codes, and the Facebook profile images of those users who logged in via their Facebook accounts.

Apart from this, the firm assured that all other data, such as payment information, passwords, or activity logs remained unaffected during the incident.

However, the firm did not mention any specific number of affected individuals.

Wyzant Fixed The Issue

The firm initially noticed the anomaly on May 2, 2019, immediately after which they addressed and fixed the issue. Nonetheless, suspecting potential compromise of some user data, they sent the email notifications to the customers as a precaution.

In addition to patching the underlying flaw, Wyzant also assured the implementation of additional security measures. Moreover, they also confirmed the involvement of law enforcement authorities to address the breach.

“Wyzant has implemented additional security measures designed to prevent a recurrence of such an attack and to protect the privacy of our valued customers. This includes reviewing our security processes and protocols. We are also working closely with law enforcement to ensure the incident is properly addressed.”

Wyzant is an online marketplace that connects students and parents with private tutors either in-person or online. The site offers the provision of one-on-one lessons regarding more than 300 subjects via over 80,000 instructors as stated on their website.

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