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Cloud Solution Provider PCM Inc. Suffered Data Breach

by Abeerah Hashim
PCM data breach

Another victim of a hacking attack makes it to the news as PCM Inc. suffered a data breach. The US-based cloud solutions provider firm fell prey to the same attackers who swiped Wipro earlier this year. The attackers breached the firm’s security and gained access to file sharing systems and emails.

PCM Inc. Suffered Data Breach

Reportedly, the cloud solutions provider in the United States, PCM Inc. emerged as the latest victim to a security incident. The firm PCM Inc. suffered data breach as the attackers could gain access to email and file sharing systems for some clients of the victim firm.

As reported first by KrebsOnSecurity, the California-based PCM Inc. discovered an intrusion on their systems in May 2019. The attackers pilfered the firm’s Office 365 administrative credentials to intrude into their systems.

Possible Gift Card Fraud Intended

According to what an expert told KrebsOnSecurity, the attackers seemed interested in stealing data useful for gift card fraud.

The intruders appeared primarily interested in stealing information that could be used to conduct gift card fraud at various retailers and financial institutions.

This made Krebs suspect that the attackers were the same who were behind the Wipro security breach.

While Krebs tried to reach PCM Inc. for comments, he couldn’t hear back in this regard. Nonetheless, in a statement to Krebs, the firm confirmed the data breach they have allegedly contained.

From its investigation, impact to its systems was limited and the matter has been remediated.

Nonetheless, they downplayed the extent of the hacking attack.

The incident did not impact all of PCM customers; in fact, investigation has revealed minimal-to-no impact to PCM customers.

Besides, they also assured that they have duly informed any PCM customers potentially affected during the incident.

To the extent any PCM customers were potentially impacted by the incident, those PCM customers have been made aware of the incident and PCM worked with them to address any concerns they had.

However, things remain unclear regarding the exact number of customers affected during this incident, and the precise details breached during the attack.

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