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Your Ultimate Antivirus Software Guide

by Unallocated Author

Android is the most widely used operating system. It is written in Java, C, C++, XML, Assembly Language, Python, Shell script and many others like this. An Android system is very much prone to virus attack it. For security purposes, now there are many Android Antivirus Programs or Android Antivirus Software.

Before proceeding, you must know what actually is an antivirus? Those software which are used to destroy or vanishes the computer viruses are called antivirus software or anti-malware. The basic purpose of developing or making this type of software is used to remove the viruses that occur in a computer or your android system.

We are now in an era where cyberspace security concerns are great and increased hacking attempts are being made. This makes us vulnerable that’s why we all are in search of best and cheap antiviruses’ software. You can see precisesecurity.com’s list of android antivirus software to choose the best option available to you.

Virus Attacking

Germs transferred from one person to another person likewise virus spreads. It escalates from host to host and has the potential to duplicate itself. Android system viruses cannot procreate and escalate without programming such as a file or document.

The virus can harm your files that are in your system, or virus can affect a few parts of your system, it depends on the strength of the virus.

If the virus attacks on any android system then it cannot be removed without using any antivirus program or anti-malware software. A virus can remain slumber without showing you any big signs. Usually, the signs after the attack of the virus would not be shown clearly to us but yes… it can damage the internal files or documents.

What a Virus Do?

Many people ask the basic question that what a virus does after attacking. There are many things a virus can do, some of which are given below:

  • Stealing passwords
  • Stealing data,
  • Logging keystrokes,
  • Corrupting files,
  • Spamming your email contacts,
  • Taking over your machine
  • It can erase your data
  • The virus can cause permanent damage to a hard disk.

Viruses can be spread through 

  • Text message attachments.
  • Internet file downloads.
  • Social media scam links.

Signs of Android Virus:

  • Frequent pop-up windows
  • Changes to your homepage
  • Massive amount of emails being sent from your email account
  • Frequent crashes which include that a virus can foist major damage on your hard drive
  • Unusually slow computer performance
  • Unknown programs that startup when you turn on your computer
  • Unusual activities like password changes

Types of Android Viruses:

  • Android Installer Hijacking
  • Malware Hidden in Downloaded Apps
  • Universal Cross-Site Scripting Attack (UXSS)
  • Ransomware
  • Polymorphic virus
  • Macro virus
  • Multipartite virus
  • Boot sector virus

Removing Virus Needs Antivirus

We are always searching for some antiviruses to remove the virus from our system. In the world of the Android system, we need some specific or valid antiviruses so that we can save or protect our sensitive system.

Why Use Antivirus Software?

There are many popular Antivirus companies like Bitdefender, Eset, Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, Norton, etc. However, make sure that you do proper research before choosing your solution. Going for a free Antivirus solution also posses risk as there are multiple occasions where free Antivirus providers involve in selling user data. Therefore, it is better to go for a premium solution. You can always get reasonable prices around the year, like Kaspersky Total Security deals and others. Hence, spend some time in research.

It protects your device from viruses, spyware and other types of malware and viruses.

This software performs regular scans to detect threats and vulnerabilities and provide you shelter against malware-infected links on the web.

They verify the reliability of any Wi-Fi network. It includes Anti-Theft tools to preserve mobiles and data. Some of the software also uses machine Learning to conflict with new threats.


Not having antivirus on a computer is like inviting a criminal into the home or having an uninvited guest! They then cause hurdles or steal information from the owner. Today’s internet has provided various ways for virus attacks and there are thousands of threats. To be safe from these it is vital to police the computer and have it protected at all times. The Importance of Antivirus Software cannot be underestimated. That’s why we recommend you to take precautions.

Article by: Sarah T. Brodie

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