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5 types of malware and how to recognize them

by Unallocated Author
Types of Malware

To help determine which computer viruses are the most dangerous, you must first divide them into groups.

Examples of computer viruses;

  • File viruses
  • Macro viruses
  • Cluster viruses
  • Burglary viruses
  • Multilayer viruses

Types of computer viruses :

Worms – worms replicate very quickly in computer system. Their main purpose is to spread from one computer to another via the Internet. Traditionally they do not cause major damage, but they often slow the system down.

Adware– this type of virus created mainly to display advertisements. Adware is usually attached in the program you want to install. Adwarecan not be a  hundred percent called as malware because it does not damage your computer. It is only followed by the advertisements and products that are intended to display ads.

Spam– It is maybe not an exact virus but it is definitely the most annoying software. Nobody likes to have annoying emails from the anonymous sender. It is not only known as  as  aggressive marketing at the beginning, but it also can hide more threats in the form of viruses that harm your computer.

Spyware– these programs are usually attached to other applications. Their role is to follow a victims history of browsing web pages and send it to their creator, they also can install  software (browsers, pseudo-system tools) anonymously.

Ransomware– One of the most dangerous programs for many users. The attacker will encrypt the drive of the user in an attempt to sell the decryption key to recover said files.

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