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Mozilla Gears Up To Launch Firefox Private Relay For Unique Email Aliases

by Abeerah Hashim
Firefox Private Relay

Mozilla has taken another step ensuring utmost privacy to its users. This time, they are preparing to launch Firefox Private Relay to protect users’ email addresses.

Mozilla Firefox Private Relay

Reportedly, Mozilla is gearing up to launch a useful service for the users to protect their email addresses. Dubbed Firefox Private Relay, the service will allow the users to set up unique aliases for their email addresses. This will keep their email IDs safe from hackers and online trackers.

According to the new service’s website, Private Relay will not only keep the email addresses private but will also bring numerous advantages. The most obvious being the protection of email IDs from spamming, promotional, and unsolicited emails.

The service is available as a dedicated Firefox add-on. It means the users can easily install it to their browsers without having to download or install any tool. They will then be able to mask their email addresses with the one provided by this add-on.

In this way, they get a second email address which will only send those messages to the users’ personal email ID that they allow. Whereas, if they don’t want to receive a message, they can simply disable it. Meanwhile, the sender (or the spammer) will never get a hint of your email ID or such filtering.

Regarding how the feature will work, the add-on’s page states,

Private Relay adds UI to generate unique, random, anonymous email addresses that forward to your real address. You can use your relay addresses to sign up for apps, sites, or newsletters. When you’re done with that service, you can disable or destroy the email address so you’ll never receive any more emails from it.

Moreover, such protection will also save users from leaking their email IDs in data breaches.

If the service has an incident, their data won’t be linked back to you.

Presently In ‘Experimental Mode’

While Mozilla’s new service is now online, it presently is in experimental alpha-mode. Plus, it’s a wait-only alpha release for now. It means not all users can get their hands on this feature for now. Nonetheless, they can either wait for a stable release or join the wait-list to get a personal invite.

According to the reviews on the add-on page, the service has satisfied users in working the way they want.

Though, one of the users has mentioned that it wasn’t possible to reply to an email using the aliased email ID. Perhaps, Mozilla may include this functionality, or something similar, as they continue working on it.

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