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How to convert videos from YouTube

by Mic Johnson

Ever heard a music video and wished that you had the song on your phone or media player? What about having your favorite podcast on YouTube in MP3 format to listen to while travelling? Tired of coming across converters that don’t seem to work properly? Ever wanted to do all of that without downloading a software? Now you can do all of that and more without the need for downloading cumbersome software that could possibly contain malware or pay for premium online converters just to get a small conversion job done. With GO-mp3 you get all the features of a converter but online, you don’t even have to pay for the service.

Go-mp3.com is a 100% online YouTube converter that enables users to download their favorite music video, podcast or any other content on YouTube to mp3 format for free. No more annoying ads that keep popping up with every click or being redirected to multiple pages just to know that you still have to press “convert” to start the process.

The youtube converter is easy and free to use. It does not have any constant pop-ups or does not redirect users to different pages. You simply launch the website and enter the link of the video you would like to convert in the bar provided. Press enter or click on the arrow button to start conversion. You will now get to view the thumbnail of the video you want to download, verify the image and see if the link you provided matches with the thumbnail. If it’s correct then click “download” to start the download of your preferred YouTube video in MP3 format.

At times you might get the video in MP4 format, but that depends on the format of the original YouTube video. However, it is still as good as an MP3 format. The youtube to mp3 does a quick job and there is no limit on how large of a video you want to convert and download. Go-mp3 has a robust online site that is backed by high-end technology that allows users to convert longer length YouTube videos without the file breaking up or even getting corrupt.

It does have several features that makes it stand out from its competitors. Most of the converters on the web are outdated and many are inoperable. This video to mp3 converter brings a fresh vibrant look that not only feels good on the eyes but also does not have any clutter or unnecessary information that might put you off.

This tool does not have any packages like its competitors. It does not have premium features or a basic plan meaning whatever features it has, it is available for use to everyone free of cost. There are also no hidden one-time usage charges which also makes it very appealing. Many converters on the internet have limits on download for example, users can only convert five videos before being asked to pay. With the mp3 youtube converter Go-mp3 there is no such limit, users can convert as many YouTube videos as they want completely free of charge for the rest of their lives.

The video to mp3 website can be used across all platforms, whether you’re using a laptop, iPad, a phone, tablet, console or any other device that has access to the internet and a good browser. It will work on iOS and android without any performance issues resulting in fast conversions and downloads wherever you are, whenever you want.

As mentioned earlier, Go-mp3 does not require any software installations. However, what is surprising is that it does not even require special browser extensions. Everything is done through the brands webpage making it substantially easy for users to quickly get their preferred videos in MP3 format. There are many issues with online converters or converters in general and one of the biggest issues is that these websites typically have sponsors. Sometimes users will be required to download their sponsor products to be able to use the conversion features or partially download a software bundle. It is a great online converter that does exactly what it says, convert your preferred YouTube videos online.

All in all, Go-mp3.com is a great online video converter that has active customer support in case you run into problems. Simply send them an email and one of their representatives will get in touch with you. There are no reductions in quality during the conversion process, so what you see. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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