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How to download YouTube music for free

by Mic Johnson

We all have been in a situation where we wanted to listen to our favorite songs or podcasts or shows on YouTube while travelling, working or doing chores around the house. But what happens when we want to listen to all these things? The YouTube application on the mobile phone doesn’t minimize to allow for multi-tasking or your laptop is too big to carry around while listening to your favorite audio.

You simply cannot even lock your phone with the YouTube application running in the back? It just cuts off the audio once your screen goes in standby? What do you do then? Listen to the songs on SoundCloud? That doesn’t help because you won’t find what you are looking for and even if you do find it, it’s a cover of the song or a small version of it. It can get really frustrating so at the end you choose to get a premium streaming audio services account like Spotify and pay monthly subscription fees for it.
In this modern day and age where income is stable while inflation rises, can you truly afford to pay monthly subscriptions for streaming audio services on top of the existing cable, internet and Netflix bills. That’s not a viable option anymore. What if there was a way to get music using a YouTube downloader for free without the need to download any software?

Well, now you’re in luck. There are so many converters on the internet available for users to download their favorite video from YouTube in MP3 format. But which one do you choose? With so many options and different features available, selecting the right converter can become a hassle for the modern-day person. You’re busy and time is money. In this article, we have narrowed down your search to a MP3 converter that will suit all your downloading needs.

Converters on the internet are known to have bugs and errors. They’ve become outdated and there is no stable technology behind it to keep it running. Therefore, you’ll come across many converters that just aren’t good enough. These usually end up giving you an error before or during conversions and even at times doesn’t convert a video at all.

Then there are online YouTube converters with their cluttered websites. Converting videos on these types of online converters can become a cumbersome task. There are so many ads spiraling across the webpage making navigation on the website extremely difficult.

There are other online YouTube converters that have hidden fees or premium packages. They either have a daily download limit or conversion length limits which can only be extended if users pay those extra fees or buy a premium version of the online product. These are actually good and powerful converters, however, why pay? If we’re not willing to suggest spending money on streaming audio, then we will definitely not suggest getting these premium versions or paying those hidden costs. It seems absolutely unnecessary and a waste of hard-earned money.

There is a better option to all of this. Now introducing ClickMP3.com, a 100% online YouTube converter that converts YouTube videos into MP3 format so that you can listen to all your favorite shows, songs and more on your device. Now no more downloading additional software or paying for premium services, With ClickMP3 you can convert as many videos as you want without any limits. There aren’t even any ads on the website making it a simple and easy to navigate online YouTube converter that specializes in one thing, MP3 formats. Perfect for all your on-the-go audio needs without having to get audio streaming services.

How to download YouTube music for free with ClickMP3.

Step 1: Open the website and enter the YouTube video’s URL into the link bar provided.

Step 2: Click next or the search icon or press enter to move to the next step.

Step 3: You will be taken to a page with the YouTube video’s thumbnail. Verify if that is the video you wish to convert and press download.

Step 4: Your video will be immediately downloaded, Enjoy your music on the go.
If you want to download more videos than one. Follow the additional steps.

Step 5: Click on the home icon on the top left of the website’s logo. It will redirect you to the homepage.

Step 6: Add your YouTube video’s URL into the link bar provided. Follow steps 2 to 4 again to download the MP3 file of your preferred YouTube video.

Repeat steps 5 to 6 until you’re done converting all your favorite YouTube videos into MP3 format.

ClickMP3 is simple, free to use, fast and has an active customer service in case you have any concerns or queries. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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