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 Why A VPN On Holiday Can Be Quite Useful!

by Mic Johnson
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As an avid user of the internet and internet services, you have probably heard about the importance of using a VPN and why it is a required investment. When it comes to internet security, one can never be too careful.

VPN services have been around for a while. In past years, they were not a necessary service while traveling. However, advancements in technology mean that hackers have better software and programs. Today, it is necessary to have a VPN on your devices when surfing the internet. Apart from security features, a VPN allows you to bypass restrictions when traveling to countries that restrict access to some websites. With many VPN choices, you can test VPN software for free before deciding on the best one for your needs.

Here are valid reasons why you should never go on holiday without a VPN service.

What is a VPN service?

When you connect to the internet, your connection first goes through your ISP (Internet Service Provider) before connecting to the web page. All internet activity must pass through the ISP server. Anyone using the same network can track your internet history, including all data exchanged on the network.

When you install a VPN service on your devices, you encrypt all data from your devices when surfing the internet. The data is encrypted before it reaches your ISP, ensuring that they cannot track your internet activity. A VPN acts as a secure intermediary between your devices and the internet. It allows you to browse anonymously, thus reducing the chances of data loss and identity theft.

Why you should ensure you have a VPN in your travels

VPN secures public Wi-Fi

When traveling, one of the services you will enjoy is free Wi-Fi connectivity. Most travelers enjoy using open Wi-Fi networks, not knowing the risks involved. When you are on holiday, you will have to connect to different public Wi-Fi networks in hotels, cafes, and bars. This puts your private information and internet activity at risk of being intercepted by hackers.

With a VPN service, you can connect to any open network without worrying about data loss or identity theft. It encrypts data from your computer, making it hard for hackers to trace your online activity. This ensures that any passwords or banking info used online is safe.

VPN can bypass government internet censorship

When on holiday, you may sometimes find yourself in a location where access to some websites is restricted. The great firewall of china is one of the best examples of internet restrictions in a country. While in China, you cannot access most social media sites, and the government censors what is posted on the internet.

Whether in China or elsewhere, using a VPN service is the only sure way to bypass government restrictions and access your favorite sites from anywhere. A VPN service reroutes your connection through servers located in other countries to ensure you can access the site you want without raising any flags. A VPN can also be used to bypass location base restrictions like in public libraries or schools.

A VPN hides your internet activities

As mentioned above, your internet service provider has full access to your internet activity. Everything you do online is logged, including your browsing history. While most people do not care about this surveillance level, it is essential to worry about your privacy and information security.

Apart from your ISP, online sites like google also keep track of your online activity. This is done mostly for targeted ads. A VPN will ensure that your internet activity is protected from any third parties. It also ensures that all your data is encrypted before it is sent out. When using the different messaging apps available, having a VPN ensures that all your private messages are encrypted before they are sent out.

A VPN allows you to research anonymously

If you are a whistleblower/researcher/activist who travels to different countries, having a VPN is a need you cannot overlook. Most governments secretly spy on the internet use of their citizens as a way of mitigating threats. To post your findings online and not have it lead back to you, you need a VPN to ensure you do not leave any digital footprint. With a VPN, government and security agencies cannot track you down for your exposés.

Whether you are traveling for business or leisure such as on a road trip in Lubbock party buses, having a VPN service is the only sure way to ensure your data is safe throughout your travels.

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