Data Security Trends for 2020

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Keeping your data safe online is more important than ever. New threats arise every day, and no matter where you are in the world, you might become the victim of cybercrime if you don’t take the appropriate steps to secure your data and personal information. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of data security trends that people are talking about in 2020.

What Data Is Out There About You?

You might be surprised by the information that is out there on the internet about you. Typing your full name into a search engine can yield some results that will help shed plenty of light on what other people would be able to find out about you by doing the same.

It is also wise to check databases that contain information like police records, addresses, phone numbers, property records, and more. While Nuwber can be an awesome resource when you are looking for information about someone else, if you don’t want that same type of information out there about you, be sure to contact the site to let them know you want to opt out of having your information shown. It’s that simple, and it can give you more peace of mind.

Financial Security Threats Are on the Rise

More and more people are buying things on the internet, using online payment processors, and using online banking to make deposits, payments, and transfers. With all of this digital banking going on, it’s necessary to take steps to prevent hackers from gaining access to your personal financial information. And you want to prevent hackers from stealing your money too!

Beware: one of 2020’s top cybersecurity trends that you should know about is financial cyber threats. And ransomware attacks can happen against individuals, as well as banks, so keep that in mind.

5G Data Security Concerns

As 5G makes its way to more and more cities, people are anticipating faster speeds when they use the internet. But you also need to consider that your privacy might be at greater risk.

How can this be? Well, 5G has a shorter range, so there will need to be a lot more towers, and they will need to be placed closer together. As a result, the risk of having your data tracked and collected may be higher. Even your location might be easier to pinpoint because of 5G. And if hackers gain access to data regarding any connected devices in your home, that might also put your safety at risk.

New Cybersecurity Threats Come with Working from Home

Because of the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, many people are working from home. But working from remote creates some new data security threats, and cybercriminals are taking advantage of this situation.

To protect yourself, talk to your boss about what steps are being taken to secure the data that is sent between colleagues. Also, make it a point to start using a high-quality antivirus software if you don’t already. And, when it comes to emails, be really careful about opening emails that come from people you don’t know, and avoid clicking on any links in emails, as they might be phishing scams.

With the right strategies, and with knowledge about the latest data security trends, you can work on keeping your information safe at home and at the office. Remember, this is one of the most important things to do in 2020 and beyond.

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