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The best free VPN for unblocking Netflix 2021

by Mic Johnson

Are you trying to find a way for unblocking Netflix from everywhere and accessing more movie titles and Tv shows? How about a free VPN that works well for unblocking Netflix and is also secure? If your answer is yes, then we recommend you to read this article carefully as we are going to tell you the best free way of unblocking Netflix from everywhere. But bear in mind that free VPNs are never a reliable option for Netflix unblocking. A much more reliable solution is to get ExpressVPN for Netflix to access geo-restricted titles.

Let’s start by explaining why you need a streaming VPN:

Why do you need a Netflix VPN?

  • Access more streaming content:

If you are a Netflix member, you probably know that Netflix content is not the same everywhere. Some countries have a wider selection of movies and Tv shows and some of the famous series are available only in some specific countries. The only way of bypassing these restrictions is using a virtual private network (a VPN) or proxy.

  • Access your favorite movies or series while you are abroad:

Due to Netflix Geo-restrictions, you are only able to watch the content of your current region. So, if you leave your country and travel somewhere else, you will no longer be able to continue watching your favorite series. In such cases, a Netflix VPN or proxy could help you.

  • Bypass the infamous proxy error:

When you are trying to use Netflix and you see and error which says ‘ You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy’, it means that Netflix has blocked your IP or your VPN provider’s IP. By using the right Netflix VPN like Wachee, you will be able to get around this proxy error.

  • Putting a stop bandwidth throttling:

One of the most annoying issues when streaming movies and Tv shows on Netflix, is speed problem. It usually happens when your internet service provider throttles your connection to Netflix (your ISP might have decided to slow down your internet connection because you spend a lot of time streaming). It is really frustrating when streaming buffers due to poor connection, especially when you are so excited to watch the new episode of your favorite series and it takes forever to load!

But it doesn’t have to be like this. A Netflix VPN helps you to hide your real IP and change it to a new one. Therefore, ISPs won’t be able to detect how much bandwidth you are using and throttle your connection.

By now, we have discussed some of the advantages of using a Netflix VPN. Now, let’s answer this question:

Are free VPNs worth trying?

The best answer to this question is that it depends on the free VPN you choose to try. VPNs that offer you an unlimited free service, usually are not highly secure. Even if there is no problem about their security, most of them slow down your connection speed which is a huge problem for streaming. On the other hand, many people complain about the high prices of paid VPNs. So, what should they do? Which VPN should they choose? Let’s get to the point:

Why is Wachee considered to be the best free VPN for Netflix?

  • Wachee VPN works exclusively for streaming services like Netflix. Therefore, it uses all of its resources to make your streaming experience perfect, and that’s the reason the streaming quality of Wachee is not compared to its competitors.
  • Since Wachee is streaming-exclusive, unlike other VPNs, it does not slow down your internet connection. So, you will have the best streaming experience with Wachee.
  • Wachee offers you a limited free service on both the Android app and the Chrome extension. Wachee’s free mode enables you to have global access to the US library of Netflix with a 1-hour daily streaming limit.
  • Wachee is highly secure. It only tunnels Netflix’s traffic and has no access to other websites you log in, or your baking information. In Wachee, we don’t collect any extra data (such as your name, location, etc.) and streaming activity log.


If you are looking for a free streaming VPN which is secure, does not affect your connection speed, and have a stable connection, we highly recommend you Wachee VPN. Besides its free mode, Wachee also has premium plans with the most suitable prices in the market (Starting from$2.99 per month). Wachee’s premium plans provide locations that combined together, make up more than 90% of Netflix content (including US Netflix and Europe) and also enable you to unblock Hulu too from anywhere you are.

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