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Cyber Security Certifications For Beginners

by Mic Johnson

It is a common question from a student, which cybersecurity certification can be perfect for their career. We know it’s tough for any entry-level to find the right certificate because there are many certification types in this field, which confuses them. 

Before getting the certification, you need to decide which cybersecurity roles you want to play. Once you choose, it will be straightforward for you to choose the right one for your carrier. As a beginner, you will find some significant certification types like CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, and the Cisco CCNA. 

In my opinion, A beginner student must find out the best cybersecurity certification path then they can go for further process. 

The best cybersecurity certification 

Keep in mind there are different factors, and we discuss the paths of cyber certification. Every beginner should follow those factors before then enter. Let’s look at those…

CompTIA Network+ or Security+

The first step of our cybersecurity list is CompTIA Network+ or Security+. Those two are highly recognized and popular. You don’t need any pre-experience to qualify for this exam. We listed those two at a time because they are quite similar. If you prepare for one, you will be able to cover both of them for the exam. For starting, take the Network+ at first. They are basically related to a computer network and security. You will get a high-class concept about cyber-attacks. If you have a piece of great knowledge about networking, then our recommendation to switch to Security+. 

Cisco CCNA and/or CompTIA CySA+

Cybersecurity has a wide range of areas. So you should take one depending on your flexibility. Cisco CCNA is not related to security, but it’s almost an overlap to Network+. If you already finish the Network+ and want to be a top-rated network administrator in a company, then Cisco CCNA is great to start in next. 

CompTIA CySA+ is not a very popular one to the people, but it is very much developed by the CompTIA and consider it as a beginner level certificate. 

CompTIA Linux+ and/or CompTIA PenTest+

If you already achieve the listed certificate and finish the entry-level part, you probably look for high-level certification. After achieving this part of certification, you can call yourself an expert. 

However, this certification is not widely known, and even people aren’t very much interested in CompTIA Linux+. But you can achieve this by giving in one exam. If you want to be a Linux security expert, this will provide you with Linux validation. 

CompTIA PenTest+ is very easy to earn. By attending an exam, you can quickly achieve this certificate. It is very cost-effective and easy for any beginner, even if you don’t need any pre-field experience. 


Achieving certification means you will build up your skills and knowledge. Also, this progress will help you to earn a different level in your job life. If you want to take one, then you can simply fill up online forms and send all your information for the certificate. But achieving all of them means you will explore your knowledge and build up your career nicely. 

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