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Appliances Giant Whirlpool Suffered Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
Whirlpool ransomware attack

One more corporate giant has fallen victim to a devastating cyber attack. The latest victim is the appliances giant Whirlpool that suffered a ransomware attack.

Whirlpool Ransomware Attack

The American home appliances manufacturer Whirlpool has emerged as the latest victim of a ransomware attack.

Although, the firm didn’t disclose the cyberattack initially. However, the news surfaced online as the attackers began leaking the data stolen from Whirlpool.

According to Bleeping Computer, the Nefilim ransomware gang dumped stolen data on its leak website over the weekend. This data includes sensitive company information such as documents regarding employee benefits, medical information requests, background checks, accommodation requests, and more.

Though, the exact timeline of the incident and the demanded ransom amount remains unclear. However, sources hint that the attack allegedly hit Whirlpool in the first week of December.

Certainly, the recent data dump of stolen files by the attackers also indicates that the attack would have happened recently. Since such ransomware gangs often leak the stolen files if the victims fail to pay the ransom within the specified deadline.

Whirlpool Admitted The Incident

While Whirlpool didn’t publicly disclose the incident earlier, they have now admitted the ransomware attack. As per their statement to Bleeping Computer, the firm acted quickly to contain the attack. They also assure that the incident didn’t impact customers’ information.

Last month Whirlpool Corporation discovered ransomware in our environment. The malware was detected and contained quickly. We are unaware of any consumer information that was exposed. There is no operational impact at this time.

Commenting further on the incident, their statement reads,

We live in a time when Illegal cyber crimes are all too prevalent across every industry. Data privacy is a top priority at Whirlpool Corporation and we invest in the technology and processes to help protect our people, our data, and our operations.

For now, Whirlpool systems remain fully restored from the incident.

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