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Second T-Mobile Data Breach Reported Within A Year

by Abeerah Hashim
second T-mobile data breach update

One more time, the cellular giant T-Mobile has reported a security breach. In fact, this one marks the second data breach at T-Mobile within the same year.

Second T-Mobile Data Breach

Through a recent security update, T-Mobile has reported the second data breach that hit the firm in 2020.

As revealed, the firm recently noticed a suspicious activity affecting customers’ T-Mobile accounts. Consequently, they acted swiftly to shut down malicious access and start investigations whilst involving cybersecurity professionals and law enforcement.

Our Cybersecurity team recently discovered and shut down malicious, unauthorized access to some information related to your T-Mobile account. We immediately started an investigation, with assistance from leading cybersecurity forensics experts, to determine what happened and what information was involved.

Although, the incident did impact some of their customers. However, it didn’t expose much of the sensitive data. Regarding the breached information, the notice states,

Customer proprietary network information (CPNI) as defined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules was accessed. The CPNI accessed may have included phone number, number of lines subscribed to on your account, and, in some cases, call-related information collected as part of the normal operation of your wireless service. As stated above, the data accessed did not include names on the account, physical or email addresses, financial data, credit card information, social security numbers, tax ID, passwords, or PINs.

According to their statement to Bleeping Computer, the incident affected roughly 0.2% of their customers. Considering their present customer base of 100 million users, the breach might have affected around 200,000 users.

Previous Security Incidents Affecting T-Mobile

The recent incident marks the second security breach affecting T-Mobile. Earlier, in March, T-Mobile disclosed a breach that exposed the personal and financial data of the users.

Whereas, the firm had also disclosed similar cybersecurity incidents in 2019 and 2018 as well.

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