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Voyager Cryptocurrency Broker Suffered Brief Outage Following Cyber Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
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One more digital finance facility has suffered a cybersecurity incident. The latest victim is the Voyager cryptocurrency broker that suffered a cyber attack. While the service suffered a brief outage during the incident, it’s now back online.

Voyager Crypto Broker Cyber Attack

Reportedly, the cryptocurrency broker Voyager has recently fallen prey to a cyber attack. Following the incident, the service went offline to protect its systems.

The news surfaced online as the users suffered disruption and halt of trading at the broker. Initially, Voyager merely announced a ‘maintenance’ to the customers via emails and tweets. Yet, they calmed down the users by assuring the safety of funds.

After some time, they disclosed a cyber threat that compelled them to pull their services offline.

Later, via a series of tweets, they confirmed a compromise of their DNS server that they swiftly recovered.

Our DNS system was compromised earlier today but has since been recovered. We have resolved the issue and are now working to ensure the successful propagation of the resolution.

Besides updating the customers via Twitter, Voyager also issued a press release disclosing the cyber attack and their eventual recovery from it.

Service Back Online

Although the cyber attack caused a trading halt at Voyager, the service managed to quickly fend-off the attack. For this, they had to go offline to prevent potential damages. As Steve Ehrlich, Co-founder and CEO of Voyager, stated,

Customer funds and security are of the utmost importance to Voyager. Whilst all funds and crypto are secure we have had to temporarily halt trading on the platform and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank our clients for their patience. We caught the attempted intrusion quickly and took the system down immediately to protect customer assets and information.

However, Voyager worked quickly to recover from the incident. Eventually, they succeeded in coming back online in a day.

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