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Top 5 Home Apps for a Seamless Home Experience

by Mic Johnson

Mobile apps are on the rise nowadays, as technology aims to bring high-level comfort at home. Smartphones and tablets are often connected to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth range to enable different home functions. These devices are connected to a home network along with your home appliances.

Some apps are meant to do all-around tasks, while some do all the work. You can select the mobile app of your choice based on your preferences and needs. Read on and discover the top five mobile apps that can make your home smart and more functional.


Alexa is a multi-functional home app that helps you set up devices and give commands. It can help you in playing the music you enjoy and it can also create your shopping list.

Alexa is developed by Amazon and it can support many devices. Once activated, you can call Alexa by its name to give voice prompts that will carry out the tasks in your home.  You can place the speakers in any part of your home and allow the app to stay connected to appliances and electronic devices. Just like the automotive tools in Reviewerst, you can utilize Alarm.com to execute multiple functions for home security. You can receive push notifications if your garage door was left unclosed or when someone arrives home. other home features that the app controls are lighting and temperature.

Alexa is more than an app, as it functions like your personal assistant who can recognize your speech and voice patterns.


HomeKit is designed to control your smart home devices through a network that can connect and control appliances. It creates “scenes” where a simple touch or command can execute plenty of functions in your home.

It uses Siri as its voice recognition software which is Siri, which allows you to perform “scenes” even without touching the device. Some of the functions you can control using HomeKit are turning off the lights, locking doors, or even reducing the temperature of your place.

HomeKit can be used anytime and anywhere may it be on your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook. It allows you to take control of the different parts of your home, thanks to its capability to manage multiple rooms with just a few commands.


SimpliSafe makes it simple for you to stay protected. This mobile app uses a high level of encryption to secure your home by activating alarms.

This app’s winning feature is its security cameras that can give you access to your house remotely. Users will be notified to make them aware of the situations at home even if you are not around. Simplisafe can detect any emergency at home and will alert you if your home may be at risk.

Professionals monitor your home and they will immediately notify you once suspicious activity is observed. You can customize alerts to keep your family and friends notified too.


GarageMate is a mobile app that comes with a physical device. It is easily set up using Bluetooth technology to allow you to control your garage door even when you’re not inside the garage.

It’s easy to pair up GarageMate with devices such as Androids, iPhones, and even Apple Watch. Its compatibility makes it one of the reliable tools you can use such as those featured in guruchoicelab.

Once the receiver is installed, you can activate the mobile app to make it your handy remote control. You can use Siri or Google Assistant to launch the app and automatically close or open the garage door. GarageMate is energy-efficient and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.


One of the highly reliable automation apps around is Alarm.com, which is evident in the number of awards it received. Its location-based GEO services make remote monitoring effective even when you’re not at home.

You can make the voice commands using Google Home or Alexa to make home security more efficient and convenient.

The availability of mobile apps to make your home smart makes it easy for you to micromanage your home in real-time. You don’t need to be at home to see the status of your electronic devices and house parts. With just a few taps, gestures, and voice commands, everything is made convenient wherever you are.

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