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Preparing for a High-Paying Career in Cyber Security

by Mic Johnson
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The needs of a society change dramatically when different factors come into play. The recent tumultuous events have ushered in a very tenuous time, one fraught with danger and uncertainty. Our societal equilibrium has been disrupted and the everyday realm of familiar things you can count on is now gone. In a way, our world is like a top that was spinning beautifully but has now lost its balance. When a top finally stops spinning, things can come crashing down.

Over time we have become totally reliant on our computer networks, databases and the Internet. All of our infrastructure, monetary systems and utility networks are built on systems that are vulnerable to hacking and electronic sabotage. It’s not just the government and the public sector that is in danger here. Our health care systems, manufacturing plants and even our automobile electronics are open to being attacked by a hacker’s control.

The Increasing Need for Cyber Security Specialists

As computer network attacks have become more prevalent, demand for cyber security specialists has dramatically increased. In the past you would typically find government agencies and defense industry companies seeking employees with this degree. Now, however, we find ourselves in a technology-centered world where even hospitals have scores of vulnerable targets. Additionally, as computer databases grow by orders of magnitude, companies must take aggressive steps to secure their sensitive information. There are also national security concerns. Hackers know that if they attack the right target, they can trigger cascading failures that cripple cell phone, telecommunication or electrical networks. When government agency computers are penetrated our adversaries are privy to our nation’s secrets and can manipulate world events.

How to Pursue Your Interest in Cyber Security

Most jobs in this field require at least an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. If you would like to pursue career employment as a security specialist, you should research and apply for admission to one of the leading colleges that offer this curriculum. To qualify for these positions, you’ll want to enroll in a degree program and get the training you need. If you finance your education with a student loan from a private lender, you can take the courses you need now and pay for your schooling over time. As you work through your financing options, it’s a good idea to use a student loan calculator to estimate the projected monthly payments on your loan.

Cyber Security Degrees and Careers

A degree program in this field focuses parallels the curriculum you might find in a robust computer engineering or computer science major. You can expect to take advanced courses in networking and operating system setup and security. In addition, you’ll explore ethical hacking and become well-versed in penetration-testing techniques and tool sets. Once you have graduated from your university, you are qualified for professional positions such as Information Security Analyst, Forensic Computer Analyst or even Chief Information Security Officer. If you are on the management side of things you can expect an annual compensation of around $100,000. Salary levels for engineers, consultants and specialists in the field range from $70,000 to around $85,000.

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