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Pay Attention to Your Online Security Before It’s Too Late

by Mic Johnson

Many people don’t worry about securing their computers and devices because they believe that they have nothing to hide and trust the government. While you may have faith in your own government, do you trust foreign governments? Aside from big brother, are you comfortable leaving your data open to other dangers on the Internet?

  • Hackers can steal your pictures, videos, and other sensitive data.
  • Trolls that disagree with your opinions on the Internet can share your address and other confidential information with the world.
  • Marketers can make money off your data without paying you a penny.
  • Thieves can drain your financial accounts or use your credit cards before you know it.

Knowledge is Power

Remember that knowledge is power. The best way to protect your data and online security is to visit the website of an authority on security like Security Pics for the latest tips and information. You can learn how to shield your smart devices, phones, and computers from various online threats on this website. You can also learn how to encrypt your hard drive and back up your information to stay one step ahead of threat actors.

Use Top Antivirus Software

Modern antivirus software on Windows and Mac is excellent at shielding your computer from malicious software. Keep your security tools up to date to stop the latest threats. Likewise, update your operating system regularly to plug security holes that hackers try to exploit.

If you’re downloading third-party antivirus software, ensure that it’s compatible with your operating system’s default security tools. In addition, your antivirus software should keep you safe from the latest viruses, worms, Trojan horse attacks, ransomware, spyware, and adware. Such malware can slow down your system, harm your computer or devices, or affect your security and privacy.

Use Encrypted Messaging Tools

It’s a good idea to use an encrypted messaging tool like Signal or Telegram. Such apps offer end-to-end security and are even used by journalists, activists, and whistleblowers to protect their communication and freedom of speech.

Not only do encrypted apps protect you from hackers, but they also maintain your privacy from social media companies and the establishment.

Download Apps Carefully

When installing new apps on your smartphone, avoid software that needlessly demands access to your sensitive data, microphone, or camera. Some of these apps are riddled with stalkerware designed to watch you and track your movements. Be particularly careful when downloading apps for your children. Only use apps on official app stores after reading reviews.

Protect Your Password

It’s a good idea to set a sophisticated password to keep cybercriminals at bay. Your password should be 12 characters long and features numbers, symbols, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. Never use common words, phrases, or personal information in your passwords.

Consider using a reputable password manager that sets complex passwords and maintains them for you. Most web browsers and mobile devices feature password managers and secure your information with biometric verification.

While maintaining your online security can seem tedious, it’s worthwhile to protect your safety and privacy from online threats that can quickly ruin your day.

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