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Twitter Adds Support For Multiple 2FA Security Keys To Protect Accounts

by Abeerah Hashim
Twitter Blue SMS-based 2FA

While Twitter already recognizes hardware security keys for account protection, they just announced an update. Specifically, Twitter has now added support for multiple 2FA security keys across its web and mobile apps.

Twitter To Support Multiple 2FA Security Keys

Reportedly, Twitter has announced the support for more than one security key for users’ accounts. The announcement surfaced online as Twitter added a response to an earlier tweet on its support account that announced the integration of security keys.

Basically, Twitter has already offered support for hardware security keys for a while. However, they formally upgraded their systems to recognize modern security keys in May 2019. At that time, Twitter offered this key-based 2FA support with its web interface only.

Then, in December 2020, they announced similar 2FA support on their Android and iOS apps as well.

Now, they have further jazzed up this account security measure. As revealed, Twitter now allows users to use multiple 2FA security keys from their web and mobile apps.

And, that’s not enough. Twitter has also announced a future upgrade on this strategy. Specifically, they will also introduce the option for the users to select the 2FA security key as the sole authentication method.

That means users who remain uncomfortable with using SMS-based 2FA or other methods will soon be able to use hardware security keys as their primary account protection strategy.

From a security point-of-view, using hardware security keys is far better than any other online authentication method. That’s because they are the least vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Whereas for regular 2FA, Twitter has a demonstrated history of losing accounts to hackers. Even during the past year, Twitter experienced a devastating hacking attack that targeted a huge number of accounts, including those having SMS-based 2FA enabled.

Therefore, adding support for numerous hardware security keys will surely provide better account security to the users.

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