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Italian Menswear Brand Boggi Milano Suffered Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
Boggi Milano suffered ransomware attack

Another ransomware incident has surfaced online targeting a famous firm. This time, the victim is the Italian menswear brand Boggi Milano that suffered a ransomware attack. Reports suggest Ragnarok ransomware gang involvement that even stole the data from the firm’s databases.

Boggi Milano Ransomware Attack

Reportedly, an Italian fashion clothing chain Boggi Milano has suffered a ransomware attack. The news surfaced online after the Ragnarok ransomware gang disclosed their activity on the dark web.

According to a Bloomberg report, the threat actors even managed to steal around 40GB of data from the victim’s network before executing the ransomware. The stolen data includes sensitive HR information as well such as employee salaries.

Besides, Technadu could also independently view the documents and confirm the ransomware involvement. Whereas, they also verified (via KELA) that the stolen data includes payment files (PDFs), payroll files, vouchers, tax-related data, and liability documents. Also, some stolen files named ‘test’ hinted that the attackers also stole some worthless files that the brand’s developers might have used for app testing purposes. Nonetheless, they couldn’t find any customer-related documents (until the time of writing this article).

Presently, it’s unclear how the attackers managed to infiltrate the firm’s network. Yet, a Boggi Milano spokesperson has assured that the incident couldn’t do much damage to the firm’s operations. Quoting the statement, Bloomberg stated,

A Boggi Milano representative said the company didn’t believe the attack had any significant impact and that the company was cooperating with authorities.

Certainly, Boggi Milano’s website is up and running and it doesn’t seem the firm has suffered any significant operational blow.

For now, no further details are available. Plus, neither Boggi Milano nor the attackers have shared any details about the ransom amount demanded and whether or not the victim plans to pay the ransom.

However, in the case of non-payment, the Ragnarok gang may begin releasing more (or all) of stolen data publicly.

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