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Is a toll-free number still relevant in 2021?

by Mic Johnson

Ever heard of a toll-free number? If you’re a veteran business owner, you most likely know what one is – you’ve probably even got one. But millennials and new start-ups are unlikely to be aware of this distinct telephone numbers history, or why they are just as relevant today.

The truth is that the rise of mobile phones has made the demand for toll-free numbers slow, but if you’re a business looking to become more established within your field, a toll-free number can be just as useful.

So, if you’re wondering whether a toll-free number is right for you in today’s modern world, here are a few benefits to consider.

Gives the appearance of industry experience

Getting your brand out there in today’s oversaturated market is a huge challenge that every new business faces. It’s unavoidable, but it’s important to note that if you’re having trouble getting yourself taken seriously, there are things you can do.

A toll-free number is instantly recognisable as a free-to-call number that is designed to encourage contact from new and potential customers. One benefit of them being around for such a long time is that they are widely trusted and give off the impression that you are an established company that has your customers’ best interests at heart.

So, if you’re looking to instantly enhance your credibility as a business, opting for a toll-free number can be an easy and affordable way of doing just that.

Great for marketing with

Free to call numbers come with a range of options, including the innovative vanity numbers allowing you to better get your brand in there for a memorable set of digits your customer will never forget.

Vanity numbers work by utilising phonewords, i.e. – 1-800-PEST-CONTROL to not only be easily recognised, but also to easily market yourself. It can let new customers know what it is you do before they even make contact, saving time and ensuring the customers who reach out are more likely to convert.

Improved customer service

If there’s one sure-fire way to fast track your business to success and popularity, it’s with fantastic customer service. Of course, we’re in the digital era where online support is prevalent, but for many nothing gets an issue rectified quicker than a phone call with a real person.

Offering an easy way for customers to contact you, at no cost to them, will help to build up a strong, positive and long-lasting relationship. And the better your customer service is, the more referrals you’re likely to receive through word of mouth from other satisfied customers.

Should you consider a toll-free number for your business?

The truth is that, whilst a toll-free number may not be necessary anymore, the benefits certainly cannot be denied. Toll-free numbers from the right provider can work hard for your business, and with an affordable price tag, you’d be crazy to not give it some careful thought!

So, if you are wondering whether it could be helpful for you to add a toll-free number to your business, why not get in touch with the experts over at G-Tele for a no obligation discussion about your options?

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