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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Geo-Restrictions

by Mic Johnson

Today we will talk about “The Benefits and Drawbacks of Geo-Restrictions,” and for those who are new and don’t know what Geo-Restrictions are, we will discuss in detail and make this article an interesting topic. Here is a short overview so that you guys get the gist of it. Geo-Restriction blocks access based on the user’s location and region on earth. As GPS technology advances, so does the importance of immense Geo-Restriction. It has a lot of value for companies, especially one with a large amount of intellectual property accessible online.

What is Geo-Blocking?

Geo-Restriction blocks the website access and other content, which is based on the user location. There are many ways that it determines the user location to execute the appropriate restricting protocol. It generally includes identifying the location based on the IP address, checking the profile information, and measuring ping.  Sometimes this is the implementation of a government decision, so most businesses use this method.

What Is It Used For?

There are many different uses for Geo-Restriction. It’s important to apply tax codes to online purchases, and foreign countries have different tax laws. Other restrictions include gambling and adult-based websites, which are legal in some countries but illegal in others. Geo-Restriction blocks certain content to areas that aren’t the targeted market for a company. It also blocks content that could damage the outlook of the product services. It keeps companies in control of their releases which would otherwise be open to everyone no matter the location. It can also be called a restrictive tool that potentially helps share and spread the content.

Benefits of Geo-Restriction

1.   Agreements with Partners

There are many advantages in using Geo-Restriction, and one of these advantages is honoring the agreements with business partners. E.g., when it comes to streaming services, content creators will often have agreements and meetings with other networks to broadcast their content and do business meetings with other regions of the world. Content creators would often block visitors from these countries to honor their agreements. Another great, e.g., is the Kayo Sports. This channel is blocked because this app is only meant for Australian audiences, and it is funded with taxpayer money. Geo-Restriction makes it easier for businesses to honor legal obligations. Though, with a Kayo Sports VPN you can watch it anywhere in the world. But you will need to care about a few things while accessing it with a VPN.

2.   Managing Across Multiple Regions

Geo-Restriction is easier for businesses to serve for a customer base worldwide, and having multiple regional customer bases has several challenges, including blockage to payment methods because some online portals are not accepted or processed. There is also the issue of strategy when delivering goods to different regions. Geo-Restriction makes it easier to work around these problems and procure the specific needs of the local market with other catalogs and price schemes. Geo-restriction makes it easier to procure to buyers worldwide because they can be restricted to a local website that procures to their specific needs.

Gains for Globalisation

  • Encourages Manufacturers and Consumers to aid from a deeper division of labor and economies scale.
  • Aggressive markets reduce corner profits and drive businesses to seek cost-reducing alterations.
  • Advantages from the freer movements of labor between countries.
  • Gains from sharing ideas/skills/technologies across national borders.
  • Expand awareness among consumers of challenges from climate change and wealth/inequality.

Drawbacks Of Geo-Restriction

1.   Heavily Regulated In Certain Places

The EEA has already placed some laws against Geo-Restriction, making it adequately illegal to block someone based on their IP address or Re-route someone without their approval. This means that blocking based on region is more of a burden than an asset unless businesses are content with running into the law. To comply with the rules, companies engaged in Geo-Restriction have to reevaluate their sales systems in these regions to remove any regional obstructions from their portals.

2.   Geo-Restriction Is Easy To By-Pass

Geo-Restriction can be easily accessed. Since geo-blocking has become so common, several solutions have been devised to bypass the block, like proxies and VPNs. These solutions work by masking the IP address with a different one. The receiving server (where the business website is located) thinks that the visitor is from a different location. Users can use VPNs and proxies to access any website from any region without the business’ knowledge. Some VPNs and proxies are country-specific, allowing users to navigate versions of the website different from their area. This is a drawback for businesses because it completely negates the use of geo-blocking. Hence, any initial investment in geo-blocking has been rejected due to VPN and proxy technologies.


And that’s all folks, Geo-Restriction is something many companies should consider in the consistent attempt to obtain and maintain digital goods. Along with digital rights management, Geo-Restriction is a powerful method to restrict access and control intellectual property. We hope you guys will love this interesting article, and if you have any suggestions, mention them, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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