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Tech Giant GIGABYTE Suffered Ransomware Attack

by Abeerah Hashim
GIGABYTE systems exhibit backdoor-like behavior

Another technology firm has fallen prey to cybercriminals. The recent report, however, isn’t from the United States but Taiwan. Specifically, the Taiwanese computer hardware maker GIGABYTE has suffered a ransomware attack, following which its online services went down.

GIGABYTE Suffered Ransomware Attack

Reportedly, the tech giant GIGABYTE has suffered a cyberattack earlier this week. The Taiwan-based firm manufactures motherboards for AMD and Intel, graphics cards, and other computing devices and accessories.

According to Chinese media reports, the firm confirmed the attack explaining that it had to shut down some affected servers.

Upon detecting the incident, the firm quickly stepped up to contain the attack and restore internal operations. Also, they have confirmed that the attack didn’t affect its operations regarding production and sales.

Also, the firm has reported the matter to the law enforcement authorities and information security units for investigations.

RansomEXX Gang Involvement Suspected

While GIGABYTE hasn’t shared many details of the cybersecurity incident officially, the attackers have spilled the beans. It turns out that GIGABYTE fell prey to the RansomEXX ransomware attack as the threat actors have disclosed on their leak site.

According to The Record, the ransomware gang has listed GIGABYTE on its victim list. Also, the gang has threatened to leak the stolen 112 GB of data online if the firm fails to pay the ransom. The attackers have boasted that the stolen files include NDAs with Intel, AMD, and American Megatrends.

Nonetheless, the exact ransom demand yet remains unclear.

RansomEXX gang is known for targeting high-profile organizations that could potentially pay their huge ransom demands. Previously, RansomEXX has targeted the Japanese image-technology giant Konica Minolta, US software firm Tyler Technologies (that ended up paying the ransom), Brazil’s Court systems, and Ecuador’s telecom giant CNT.

The gang has even expanded its malicious capabilities recently by introducing its Linux encryptor.

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