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Tyler Technologies Paid Ransomware Demand

by Abeerah Hashim
Tyler Tech ransomware attack

Tyler Tech Ransomware Attack Overview

A couple of weeks ago, Tyler Technologies made it to the news after suffering a ransomware attack.

Although, the firm initially didn’t openly admit a ransomware attack. They did disclose a cyber attack affecting their internal systems via a security notice on their website that went down following the incident.

At that time, they assured no effect of the incident on their customers. However, some customers reported suspicious logins following the incident. Nonetheless, Tyler Tech didn’t reveal any more detail about the ransomware attack.

Firm Confirmed Paying Ransom

While the firm remains tight-lipped, Bleeping Computer has reported that Tyler Technologies has finally paid the ransom to the attackers.

As per their sources, the firm that fall prey to RansomEXX has paid the demanded the ransom to get the decryptor.

Although, the exact amount of the ransom remains unconfirmed as Bleeping Computer couldn’t get the ransom note. Nonetheless, they independently verified the decryptor after decrypting files related to the incident.

After getting the tip, they reached out to Tyler Tech that still hasn’t disclosed any more details. Yet, they did confirm paying the ransom. As per the statement,

Given the sensitivities around the incident and our investigation of it, and our active cooperation with law enforcement, we are not at liberty to disclose additional details at this time.

While they have received the decryptor, the incident remains concerning as RansomEXX is known to steal data while encryption. This could have been a driving force behind the decision to pay the ransom. Otherwise, the incident would have led to a huge data leak including sensitive information.

Recently, Netwalker has dumped stolen data publicly after targeting Pakistan’s power supply firm K-Electric that didn’t pay the ransom.

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