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5 of the Most In-Demand IT Jobs in 2021

by Mic Johnson

As technology continues to advance, the demand for IT professionals increases. Professional IT support is essential in the daily operation and smooth running of businesses. This is because they perform backups that provide high security for your data; they keep systems up-to-date to protect them from virus and cybercrime attacks. Depending on different IT requirements, some skilled professionals take specific roles. Here’s a review of the most in-demand IT jobs in 2021.

1. Embedded Software engineer

Embedded software or systems engineers are one of the most sought-after professionals in this century. Their role involves designing, developing, and maintaining embedded systems in products. It also involves software development, but they need to understand how entire embedded systems work since they may be required to test an entire system to ensure it is working well. Check out www.adl-usa.com to learn more. 

2. Artificial intelligence engineer

An artificial intelligence engineer develops, programs, and trains complex algorithms. A qualified artificial intelligence engineer should have in-depth computer science knowledge, algorithms development, automated systems, data science, programming languages, and an understanding of statistics.

3. Data scientist

A data scientist’s role involves analyzing, processing, and modeling vast sets of structured and unstructured data to extract insightful information that helps companies make decisions. A data scientist should have a solid technical background combined with great instincts. In addition, a skilled data scientist should be able to manage databases, understand programming languages, interpret complex data, and communicate the results to key stakeholders and clients for easy decision-making.

4. Information security analyst

With companies losing millions of dollars to hackers every year, the demand for security professionals has been on the rise. In today’s business, businesses rely on technology for their day-to-day operations, and while technology has made things better, it has also led to increased cybersecurity risks. 

An information security analyst develops innovative measures to protect sensitive and high-value data from cyberattacks or any damage. They are responsible for developing, implementing, and ensuring policy compliance to keep a company’s data safe through firewalls and data encryption to ensure the safe transmission of information.

Information security analysts are tasked with assessing risks to identify any problems that a company might face, vulnerability assessment to determine an organization’s weakness, and defense planning that involves installing protections like firewalls. Their skills include knowledge of cybersecurity defense mechanisms and a good understanding of computer systems.

5. Information technology (IT) manager

The role of an information technology manager is to oversee, coordinate, and ensure that all the computer systems and applications are efficient and functional. They hire and train new IT employees, supervise daily operations of the IT department, ensure that devices, software, processes, and procedures are up-to-date. They also take charge of the IT budget.

A successful IT manager should have managerial and leadership skills, project management and communication skills, and strategic thinking. They should also have qualifications in information technology, computer science, and management.


The IT department is the backbone of a digitally operated business, and that’s why companies are looking to hire professional IT services. These are some of the most in-demand IT jobs for 2021.

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