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California Pizza Kitchen Admits Data Breach Exposing SSNs Of Its Employees

by Abeerah Hashim
California Pizza Kitchen data breach

The popular food chain California Pizza Kitchen has recently disclosed a data breach it suffered two months ago. As reported, the incident has exposed personal data, including the Social Security Numbers of its present and former employees.

California Pizza Kitchen Data Breach

The American food chain California Pizza Kitchen has recently confirmed a data breach via a notification to Maine’s AG Office.

According to the details shared by the AG Office, the breach has affected 103767 individuals, exposing their Social Security Numbers.

The company deduced the breach on October 13, 2021, almost a month after it happened (on September 15, 2021).

Nonetheless, the firm only made the incident public with relevant notifications in November 2021.

According to the details shared in their notification letter, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) started investigating the matter soon after discovering the “suspicious activity” on its systems. Eventually, they could confirm the exposure of names and SSNs to the adversaries accessing their systems.

CPK’s review of the potentially impacted files was completed on or around October 13, 2021, at which time CPK determined the scope of impacted individuals and the types of protected data associated with those individuals, including Social Security number.

Following this incident, CPK involved forensic experts in the investigations. Also, they assured to have reported the data breach to the relevant authorities.

As for the data, CPK assures no misuse of breached information for now.

While there is no indication that your specific information was accessed or misused, we value our employees and the trust you place in us and are notifying all potentially impacted current and former employees out of an abundance of caution.

Nonetheless, they have offered complimentary identity theft protection via Experian to the affected individuals. They have also taken measures to strengthen their system security to prevent such incidents in the future.

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