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Reasons Your Sales Team Needs Email Tracking Software

by Mic Johnson

Email is the oldest online outreach tool, but it still has the unbeatable ROI, so you just can’t go without it in most sales strategies. However, manual email tracking can be a super-daunting task, especially if you receive hundreds of letters a day. Fortunately, there are decent email tracking solutions out there, and below is a list of reasons to start using one of them today. 

1. Workflow Automation 

With the help of email tracking software, you can automate your email campaigns more efficiently. Tracking software provides valuable insights that let you select the right triggers in your automation presets. As a result, the ROI of your campaigns will rise and generate more high-quality leads that have the best potential to be turned into closed or even recurring sales. 

2. No Excess Follow-Ups

Email tracking systems let you stay on top of email delivery statuses and immediately cross out inactive emails from your list. This can notably reduce your expenses for services like MailChimp. Besides, you will see cases of unfriendly behavior, such as adding your messages to the spam list so that you can avoid following up with these users in the future. Eventually, you will notice that there are sources of leads that are not effective enough and correct your lead generation strategy. 

3. Valuable Insights from Unsubscribed Rate

Observing a certain level of regular unsubscribed users is ok, but what if there’s a spike in unsubscriptions after one of your recent campaigns? It’s a true sign that you have to stop for a while and analyze your mistakes. Email tracking will help you register such important moments, fix these issues before they become critical, and migrate to the next campaign. 

4. Content Improvements

Using email tracking software, you can test your content strategies and even particular pieces of content proactively. Every modification you make to the content of your email campaigns can trigger a certain change in user response or do nothing at all. In any case, such insights are very important, and your business needs them on a regular basis. You should use this data to identify that triggers positively affect subscriber behavior and use them more frequently.

5. Better Email Scheduling 

Having high-quality content is already a great achievement, but it might be spoiled if you don’t stick to the right emailing schedule. The truth is that your subscribers can react differently, depending on when your emails hit their inboxes. Use the power of tracking systems to figure out what time of day and week is the best for your specific product, and use them to unleash the full sales potential of your campaigns. 

Track It!

As you can conclude from this overview of email tracking system benefits, your business simply can’t keep going on without such a solution. Will you try email tracking today, or are its benefits still questionable for you? You’re welcome to contact us in the comments section below if that’s the case. 

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