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Tor Browser 11.5 Arrives With Multiple Feature Upgrades

by Abeerah Hashim
Tor browser 11.5

The popular privacy browser Tor has recently rolled out its latest 11.5 browser version for the users. This new version brings numerous feature upgrades, including automatic censorship detection and bypass, redesigned settings, HTTPS-only by default, and more.

Tor Browser 11.5 Updates

Announcing the updates in a post, The Tor Project officials have shared details about the new Tor browser version 11.5. As elaborated, the latest browser version will have the following new features.

Automatic censorship detection and bypass

The most exciting feature of the latest Tor 11.5 browser version is the automatic censorship detection. This process previously obliged users to meddle with the settings and apply bridge to unblock Tor. Now, the browser eases the hassle for the users by introducing a dedicated “Connection Assist” feature. This option will automatically apply the best bridge configuration based on the user’s location.

HTTPS-only by default

Tor browser previously came with a built-in HTTPS everywhere extension. But now, the new browser version ditches this extension in favor of a dedicated HTTPS-Only mode enabled by default. It’s a feature already available with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome. And now, the Tor browser will also have this setting enabled by default, providing a secure browsing experience to the users. However, the Tor browser for Android will continue to feature HTTPS Everywhere for some time.

Redesigned browser settings

Tor browser 11.5 also features redesigned settings menu. Now called the “Connection settings,” the options for new bridge cards, Connection assist, and bridge options now flaunt better designs for visual appeal.

Better font support

Tor browser had limited support for external fonts to prevent online tracking. However, these enhanced security measures sometimes behaved inconveniently due to poor or failed rendering. Hence now, the new Tor browser comes bundled with more fonts for a better user experience.

Users can download the latest browser version from its website for their desktop systems. Mobile users, unfortunately, have to wait as the developers work on tweaking the browser for Android.

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