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Why Fleksy Keyboard Is the Most Secure to Use

by Mic Johnson

Organizations use many privacy tools to secure their online data, from antivirus to VPNs. However, there are still other areas that are not considered by businesses. 

Keyboard apps have been known in the past to share keystrokes with developers and partners. Such data sharing – at times, without consent – is a direct breach of a firm’s security and its employees’ privacy. 

How Your Keyboard Can Violate Your Privacy

A keyboard app is one of the most used applications and is inevitably needed on devices like smartphones and tablets. Tons of keyboard apps are available today, offering many lucrative features, such as emojis, predictive text, and smart suggestions to make users’ typing experience more fluid.

However, to utilize said features efficiently, apps need to know users’ intent, so they must log what is typed. That data doesn’t remain limited to the developers only. Instead, this data often becomes a lucrative money-making opportunity as some companies sell it to third parties.

Then, what comes next is a privacy nightmare one can’t imagine. Whatever you’ve typed with that singular keyboard app is now available even to apps you’ve never used. That may include passwords for company accounts, sensitive personal and financial information, data about the organization’s functioning, and much more.

Besides intrusion and third-party data sharing, malware is another security risk to your keyboard data. If a malicious app accesses your keyboard, it indirectly accesses all the information that your keyboard tracks, from keystrokes to typed data.

So, in short, many keyboard apps expose users to all sorts of privacy threats, from unwarranted snooping by third parties to malware.

What Is Fleksy?

That’s where Fleksy – a secure keyboard app, comes into play, ensuring whatever you type remains private to you only. So, what makes Fleksy different from other secure keyboard apps? Let’s find out.

Fleksy is a standalone secure keyboard SDK offering privacy-focused design and interactive features. It facilitates fast typing with many supportive features like text prediction, swipe input, autocorrect, and language support.

It helps protect privacy by ensuring it does not log hand gestures. When it doesn’t know what you type, it can’t detect your interests and hence, it won’t barrage you with ads or perform other intrusive activities.

Since Fleksy is available as an SDK, it empowers organizations to develop custom keyboard apps without fearing unwarranted data intrusion. It allows them to tweak specific features according to users’ requirements and preferences, promoting safe communications.

How it works

Fleksy doesn’t log users’ data, which means it never transmits any data from your device to its servers.

But then, you might wonder how it manages to provide features like text prediction. Well, it simply analyzes your data on your device – keeping it all encrypted.

Specifically, Fleksy recognizes users’ typing patterns to power its functionalities – especially the autocorrect feature. It detects the region being typed and the language selection to predict what the user might type. In this way, it eliminates the need to track the letters being typed, enabling users to type on the invisible keyboard. 

This particular functionality has been the core strength of Fleksy that saves them the time to have to constantly focus on the keyboard, allowing them to type quickly with few errors.

What Makes Fleksy Stand Out? Key Features

If you define a “secure keyboard” as an app that doesn’t record your data, you may find numerous keyboard apps that seem safe. 

However, Fleksy stands out from the others by providing additional benefits that enhance user experience – without compromising privacy. Some key features of Fleksy that you may seldom find in other virtual keyboards include the following:

Fool-proof Privacy

As elaborated, Fleksy’s core strength is its privacy-focused design that avoids exfiltration of data. Though, it naturally requires some access to what you type to understand and predict your typing patterns, it doesn’t exploit your information for monetary gains or expose it to third parties.

Fleksy has empowered its AI to execute the intended functionalities by analyzing users’ data on the device itself. So, your hand gestures, typing patterns, text input, and the associated information remains limited to your device only. 

Seamless Compatibility and App Integration

Fleksy SDK offers seamless compatibility with the two major operating systems – iOS and Android. While they initially supported Android, the developers later succeeded in making the keyboard compatible with iOS devices, starting with iOS 10 and above.

The app also boasts smooth integration with other applications. That means developers can tweak the Fleksy SDK for their firm’s internal apps, as well as for regular apps like WhatsApp running as a system-wide keyboard, to promote secure communication across apps.

Interactive UI

Fleksy boasts an interactive stock interface. The custom theme with sound, default dark mode, haptic feedback, and options for fonts, top bar, and short-key functions empower organizations to develop keyboards tailored to their staff’s working requirements.

Swift Text Auto-correction and Prediction

Another feature that makes the keyboard better than the others is its language support and text correction. Here again, Fleksy surpasses the market by offering support for 82 different languages, along with supportive auto-correct, swipe input and text prediction features.

Moreover, since it supports QWERTY, AZERTY, QWERTZ, and more layouts

Engaging Emojis

With the rising use of emojis, many organizations have now accepted using emojis in semi-formal communications. (Of course, sending a thumbs up to your colleague upon project completion doesn’t look awkward, does it?)

Fleksy realizes the significance of emojis in digital communications. Therefore, it allows the development of secure keyboards with interactive emojis as supported by the respective device’s OS. It also rolls out frequent updates to integrate new emojis when released.

Using emojis on Fleksy is also very easy – just like your regular keyboard app. While typing, you can select the desired icon from the list or simply use one from Fleksy’s suggested emojis.

Protecting Your Privacy with Fleksy

Fleksy secure SDK is the ultimate keyboard choice for individual developers, organizations, and privacy freaks. It ensures your data remains private to you only while offering endless opportunities to develop custom keyboards with interactive features. The app’s robust AI exhibits the most-needed functionalities, such as next-word prediction, auto-correct, typing suggestions, and emojis, by recognizing hand gestures. Thus, you never have to worry about possible data leaks, breaches, unwarranted spying, and advertisements when using Fleksy.

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