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Protect Your WhatsApp Chats From Snoopers With Chat Lock

by Abeerah Hashim
WhatsApp rolls out Chat Lock

WhatsApp now empowers users to protect specific chats from others holding their devices. The new Chat Lock feature enables WhatsApp users to lock select chats with passwords or biometric authentication to prevent unwarranted exposure.

WhatsApp Rolls Out Chat Lock

According to a recent post from Meta, the tech giant has finally addressed a common privacy issue for WhatsApp users. Previously, anyone accessing WhatsApp messenger on the target device could read and access all chats of the target user.

However, with the latest update, WhatsApp users can now avail themselves of the “Chat Lock” privacy option. Enabling this feature allows them to select and lock their preferred chats with their fingerprint or the device’s password. Once done, the locked chats and all the related content will move to a protected folder. Moreover, such chats won’t appear in notifications, ensuring complete privacy.

Meta believes this feature will help users who share their WhatsApp devices and/or numbers with other users. If they don’t want others to access a certain chat or who fear accidental exposure of a chat to someone else holding their device, users can simply lock such chats to eliminate such risks.

The Chat Lock feature now works via biometric or device password authentication. But Meta has pledged to roll out more upgrades to this setting over the next few months. These upgrades include setting up custom passwords (which will benefit users who share devices, making multiple users know the device password) and locks for companion devices.

The new setting will automatically arrive to WhatsApp users globally. Nonetheless, WhatsApp users must update their devices with the latest app versions, particularly if they have disabled automatic updates.

Is Chat Lock Secure Enough?

While Chat Lock sounds impressive, it remains unclear if this feature will protect locked chats from spyware and malware intrusions. Spying on WhatsApp has long been a menace, with numerous exploits available publicly to target WhatsApp chats.

Perhaps, Meta might also consider working on such improvements that prevent third-party app access to WhatsApp to prevent intrusions.

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