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Facebook Scam: Get a Free Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card

by Unallocated Author

Hoax Slayer has come across scam posts on Facebook that promise users a free gift card.

“Get a Free $ 500 Bunnings Warehouse Gift Card (67 Left). Claim your Free $500 Bunnings Warehouse Now. Only a few left,” the scammy posts read.

Potential victims are asked to visit a website. On this website, they’re instructed to like and share a fake Bunnings page, after which they’re told to complete a survey in order to get the gift card.

Every time someone completes the survey, the cybercrooks earn some affiliate cash.

However, as always, no one ever gets any free gift cards. That’s because Bunnings has nothing to do with this “promotion.”

Users who come across such posts are advised to act with caution. Only promotions advertised on verified social mediaaccounts or on the company’s official website should be trusted.

If you’re a victim of this scheme, remove the posts you’ve published on your timeline and unlike the bogus page you’ve liked. Some of these surveys also involve downloading and installing shady software, and handing over personal information.

If this is the case, you must also uninstall all the said applications and watch out for the scammy emails or text messages you might get.

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