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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Hacked by RedHack

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The hackers have leaked the usernames and clear-text passwords belonging to the site’s users. Over 270 sets of credentials have been published online.

RedHack has encouraged users to abuse the leaked information and even provided a link to the tika.gov.tr login page. This prompted the site’s administrators to disable the login section of the website.

The username and password used by a government employee to access a dating site have also been made available by the hacktivists.

According to  TechWorm that the attack is dedicated to İbrahim Kaypakkaya, a leader of the Communist movement in Turkey. The cyberattack also represents a form of protest against the country’s corrupt government.

The attack on the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency comes just days after RedHack defaced the website of the Soma Municipality.

The Soma Municipality was targeted shortly after news broke that hundreds of people died due to an explosion that took place in a lignite mine in Soma.

The government’s response to the accident angered many people. Both real-world and online protest have taken place.

A total of 25 people were detained and questioned, including the mining company’s operating manager, engineers and a security chief.

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Ady March 6, 2015 - 2:09 pm

Well, thgius is a eyeopener incident for the Turkish Cooperation. Now they need to much more alert about their security.

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