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Twitter Suspends ‘The RedHack’ on Request of Turkish Gov

by Unallocated Author

“Redhack main account @TheRedHack was suspended at the request of the fascist Turkish government. Twitter collaborates with those who have no respect for freedom of expression and information,” a RedHack representative told Softpedia.

“This government killed large numbers of people and steal from the people. We have surfaced their crimes, therefore they try to silence us. We are not scared, nor regret our actions. We existed well before Twitter and we will live forever. Because RedHack is the people now,” he added.

The @TheRedHack account has been inaccessible for less than an hour at the time of press . When you try to access it, a prompt appears saying, “Sorry, that user is suspended.”


Over the weekend, RedHack hijacked the account of Izzet Artunç, the head of Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation. The action was a sign of protest against the AKP (the Justice and Development Party) which is the current ruling party within Turkey.

The hacktivists accuse the government of coordinating work with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, including through selling weapons, letting others transport them and transforming the country into a “gate to Syria” for radical Islamists.

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