Butler University Breach Exposes Personal Details of 163,000 Individuals

In a police investigation in California, a flash drive was found on a suspect containing information about some Butler University employees.

After the police contacted Butler officials regarding the finding of the sensitive data, an investigation was started to determine the unauthorized access to the institution’s systems and the info that could have been exposed.

The university started sending notifications to all individuals whose data was exposed to unauthorized parties.

In order to help protect the affected individuals from identity and financial theft incidents, the university offers them a free membership for one year to a service created to detect misuse of personal information.

The recipients of the letter are provided with all the necessary instructions to contact and activate the service, which provides a free copy of the credit report.

Such notifications have become more frequent lately, but in this case, some of the affected parties may not receive the message, especially those whose data was on the record for a very long time, because the University may not have updated addresses for them.

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