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Company Selling ‘FinFisher’ Spying Tool Got Hacked, Confidential Data Leaked

by Unallocated Author

FinFisher spyware, is an application used by government and law enforcement agencies primarily for surveillance, however it appears it has been hacked earlier this week and a number of files have appeared on the Internet.

The secret surveillance software named “FinFisher” is sold by a British company called Gamma International who can secretly monitor computers by turning ON webcams, recording everything the user types with a keylogger, and intercepting Skype calls, copying files, and much more.

A hacker has claimed on Reddit and Twitter that they’d infiltrated the network of one of the world’s top surveillance & motoring technology company Gamma International, creator of FinFisher spyware, and has exposed 40GB of internal data detailing the operations and effectiveness of the FinFisher suite of surveillance platforms.

The leaked information was published both on a false Gamma Group Twitter account (@GammaGroupPR) and Reditt by the hacker that began publishing links to the documents and satirical tweets.

The leaked files includes client lists, price lists, source code of Web Finfly, details about the effectiveness of Finfisher malware, user and support documentation, a list of classes/tutorials, and much more.

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