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Girl Got Killed By Her Husband – Video [Facebook Scam]

by Unallocated Author

This scam video was been posted in a website is very similar to a Facebook page and even provides a comments section shows the statics of the video among the users of the social networking website.

According to Graham Cluley’sblog post,a woman’s scream can be heard on the webpage containing the fake information. This is also an attempt to entice users to click on the bait.

Researchers at Bit defender warn that thousands of individuals appear to have already shared the “video,” although these figures may also have been spoofed to increase credibility.

It appears that the victim may install malware disguised as a plug-in that ensures playing of the footage.

“It can also communicate with a server and receive dynamic rules that can check, for example, if a certain application or antivirus is installed. Based on all these computer and user details, scammers may serve other links and payloads, targeting users with more efficient baits, in their own language. When it comes to adware, this is a recurrent and quite mediocre technique they use to increase illicit gains depending on the trend and statistics.”

The cyber criminals try users to click on specific websites to complete online surveys that would often ask for the phone number and would subscribe the unsuspecting user to premium-rate services, in other cases users would be served malware posing as software updates.

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