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Infested-Malware Ads Found In Popular Websites

by Unallocated Author

Malicious advertisements found, which infects the web browsers of users who visit the popular websites.Users’ need not click on the ads to be infected it infects without our knowledge and access.Even ad blocker and any other source of ad blocking extensions can’t block these ads.

AppNexus that provides a specialized platform in real-time online advertising, has found that they are the origin for the malvertising  running in major websites.  The malwertising was found on “Java.com, Deviantart.com, TMZ.com, Photobucket.com, IBTimes.com, eBay.ie, Kapaza.be and TVgids.nl“, which redirected to websites that infected visitors by installing botnet malware without the knowledge of the user, said secuity company Fox-IT.They have used Angler Exploit Kit to redirect users to the websites containing harmful malware/hosting the Asprox malware.

According to the Researchers, Angler first checks whether the victim’s browser supports an outdated versions of Java, Adobe Flash Player or Microsoft Silverlight, and then silently install a variant of the Asprox botnet malware.

Hackers used a method called “retargeting”, which is actually used by Digital Advertising agencies to rotate the ads shown to the same visitor when they access a specific page multiple times.

Users are suggested to have good antivirus program to block ads which contains malware and also use extensions which helps users avoid these kind of malware.

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