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Oil And Energy Sector In Norway Aimed By Cyber Attack

by Unallocated Author

The cross-sectoral professional of the organization and the higher authority within the secured security services in Norway has discovered that more than 50 attempts had been uncovered recently. The advisories are sent to various companies,  in order to tighten the security and take effective measures to avoid attacks.

The National Security Authority says, the attackers send emails with infected attachments to gain access to the computers and to know the privacy details about the company.The attack’s goal was to install “Keylogger“,  the software which allows to stole passwords.

The awareness about these emails with infected attachments have been notified to over 300 companies to avoid these attacks. They also suggested those companies to update their Operating System (OS) and keep them up to date and avoid the cyber attack.

The organization says ” The authority are advised to use strong passwords couples with a two-factor authentication mechanism. Enable system activity logging also comes in handy for detecting suspicious actions on the system.“.

What ever the reason maybe, this a chance for all to be safe with unknown emails and especially with the attachments they said even it is from a known person.

Checking the legitimacy of email senders should be adopted by companies and it is one of the best method to avoid cyber attack.


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