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Actress Betty White Dyes, Twitter users believe she is died

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Fake news that Betty 92 died at her home in Los Angeles peacefully, a twitter post believed by twitter users. Going deep through the information, expects came it know that it was false story as the title of the satirical piece says “dyes” instead of “dies:.Actually the actress dyes her hair constantly, she is in face a brunette and appealed to changing her hair color for decades, says report.

Since the information was published on satirical website Empire News, this cannot be taken as the truth. Their disclaimer is clear, saying that “is a satirical and entertainment website. We only use invented names in all our stories, except in cases when public figures are being satirized.

The fact that they did not even check the news article is even more concerning since cybercriminals can take advantage of such gross negligence and steer them to malicious online locations serving malware.

Crooks already have a malware distribution network set up, and all they need is to direct gullible users to the location where exploit kits and malware are hosted and force them to complete suverys/insert malicious files to their browser.

A single tweet from user @teri423, revealing the title of the fake news piece, did not prevent others from falling for the trick, as they expressed sadness in the replies.

Picture of the tweet :

Social engineering is known to be a well-honed skill for cybercriminals, so they could create a better hoax to catch readers into a trap.

Users are requested to be aware of these kind of fake tweets and check the story pie of the tweets and not fall by the way of scams .


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