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McDonalds Domain Hacked – Bangladeshi Hackers

by Unallocated Author

A hacker going with the handle of Ablaze Ever from Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers has hacked and defaced the sub-domain of largest fast food chain McDonalds, Indonesia.

The targeted sub-domain belongs to orders section of  McDonalds Indonesia which was left with a deface page along with a message against Israel.

When was asked about the reason and what made them hack the domain particular, this what they said ;

“We hacked McDonald because it is an American based company and America is the biggest funding machine of the illegitimate state of Israel”.

This is not the first time when McDonalds Indonesia was hacked by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers. In 2013, the same group hacked McDonalds Indonesia website.

The statement by the Grey Hat Hackers after the attack ;

“McDonald’s Indonesia has been Hacked by Bangladesh Grey Hat Hackers. Our message to all stinky Israelis: You were born to go to Hell, you keep attacking our brothers and sisters,We keep attacking on your cyberspace. Last but not Least, “Allahu Akbar”

But now the deface page uploaded by hackers on McDonalds Indonesia was deleted.


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